Exam FAQ’s

What happens if I miss my exam?

If a candidate is absent from the examination, a PCF (Personal circumstance form) should be submitted to the Head of Department, if appropriate.

What happens if I am late?

In general no candidate will be admitted to the Examination Hall more than 60 minutes after the start of the examination; in exceptional circumstances, however, and provided that no other candidate has withdrawn and left the examination room, a candidate may be admitted later, at the discretion of the Examinations Officer. Extra time will not normally be allowed.

What happens if I am sick during an exam?

A distressed or ill candidate may be permitted to leave the examination hall temporarily during an examination, accompanied by an invigilator, and subsequently return to complete the examination, provided the continuity and quality of supervision is not affected. The invigilator may, following consultation with the Office of Academic Affairs and the Examinations Officer, if deemed necessary, give a time extension to such a candidate at the end of the examination equal to the period of absence, or arrange for such a candidate to complete the examination in a separate room under supervision.

In the event that a student falls ill during an examination, rendering him/her unable to finish the examination, she/he should be referred to the medical centre. Invigilators must log the incident. Thereafter, the student should complete and submit a PCF to the Head of Department within three working days after the last scheduled examination.

What type of ID will I need to gain access to the exam hall?

Students must bring their current ID cards to all examinations. Students will not be admitted to an Examinations Hall without official ID.

Candidates must leave their student ID visible on their desks at all times.

Can I sit anywhere in the exam hall?

Each candidate will sit at the desk indicated on the notice at the examination hall entrance.

Can I bring food into the exam hall?

No food is permitted in the examination hall.

Can I bring my mobile phone into the exam hall?

Any mobile/smart phones brought into an examination centre will be confiscated. A release fee of €50 will be charged. The Institute is not responsible for loss or damage to confiscated mobile phones. The Registrar will be provided with a report on candidates found with mobile/smart phones to determine if disciplinary action is necessary.

Can I bring Mathematic tables into the exam hall?

Mathematical tables, if required, will be supplied. Candidates may not bring their own mathematical tables or statistical tables into the examination centre.

Can I use a calculator?

Candidates may use non-programmable calculators. Approved models of personal electronic calculators may be used except in circumstances where their use is expressly forbidden. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure that his/her calculator is in working order.

Can I use a dictionary during an exam?

Students are not permitted to bring dictionaries into Examination Centres. English dictionaries will be provided, unless otherwise specified on the cover sheet of the examination paper. Students should request an English Dictionary, if required, from an invigilator/supervisor.

Where an English dictionary has been used by a student it must be handed up along with the exam answer book upon completion of the exam. Students using English dictionaries in exam centres are not permitted to mark them in any way.

When a student is given an English dictionary for use during an exam, a label indicating its use will be placed on the student answer book so that examiners are aware that a dictionary has been used.

What happens if there is a problem with the exam paper?

If a candidate genuinely finds an issue with a question on an examination paper, such as a portion of the question missing or incorrect supporting data, the candidate is entitled to make a reasonable assumption as to the intent of the question.

Lecturers will not be contacted to clarify such issues during an examination. Candidates in such circumstances are advised to communicate their concerns to the examination invigilator.

Can I request extra paper if I need it?

Candidates will be supplied with as many answer books as required, but all must be returned at the end of the examination. Examination papers may be removed from the examination centre.

Can I leave the exam hall temporarily?

Candidates wishing to leave the examination hall temporarily may not do so unless accompanied by an invigilator. In any event, no person may enter or leave the examination hall without the invigilator’s permission.

Can I leave the exam hall at any time?

A candidate will not be allowed to leave the exam hall until sixty minutes after the start of the examination. A candidate completing his/her examination in the last fifteen minutes must remain in his/her place until an invigilator has collected his/her answer book(s), the answer books have been checked, and the invigilator has announced that candidates may leave the examination hall. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure that his/her answer books are handed to the Invigilator.

Where can I receive my results?

Provisional results are communicated to students after the Winter Examination Session. Results will be available to students via web for student. Final results are issued to students after the summer and autumn Progression and Awards Boards.