Breach Of exam Regulations

  • A student who is found to have unauthorised materials in their possession in the examination hall shall be deemed to be in breach of the examination regulations.
  • Unauthorised materials, together with a copy of the candidate’s identity card, shall be removed and retained by the invigilator who shall make a written report to the Office of Academic Affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs will report the matter to the Registrar for further action. The candidate shall be allowed to complete the examination.
  • The same procedure will be followed where a candidate or candidates is/are considered by the invigilator to have copied or to have attempted to copy.
  • In the event that it may not be possible to arrange a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee before the Progression and Awards Board, the candidate’s result shall be withheld until a Disciplinary Committee meeting has heard the case and made its recommendation.
  • A candidate found to be in breach of examination regulations may have some, or all results of that diet of exams declared void. In addition, the Disciplinary Committee may recommend that such a candidate may not be permitted to repeat that diet of examinations until one year has elapsed. A candidate disqualified because of infringement of examination regulations may be deemed not eligible for an award at honours, merit or distinction level by the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Other forms of assessment undertaken in that academic year may also be declared void if this is considered appropriate or necessary.