Performance at the first attempt in modules in a given stage may be used to compensate in the same stage, provided no module in the stage has been failed outright.

A student compensates failed module performance from the overall performances of other modules within a stage, provided that:

  1. Compensation is applied only to  modules up to a one third of the credits in the stage, provided double the credit deficiency is available from  the remaining passed modules.
  2. Module result must be between 35-40%
  3. Compensation only applies to first attempts.
  4. All other modules within the stage have been passed.
  5. A student may not gain an exemption in a module through compensation.
  6. All modules can be compensated unless stated otherwise.
  7. A student who passes by compensation at an award stage remains eligible for an award.
  8. If a  student has taken an additional elective module then their total required credits will increase by the amount of credits in the elective.
  9. A student who does not present for all the required credits of a stage at an examination session will not be considered for compensation.
  10. The student’s overall stage result will be stated in the same manner as passing without compensation, but the original module marks will remain on the Broadsheet of Examination Results.

Compensation rules will be applied automatically where student performances meet the conditions specified.

All modules are eligible to be considered for compensation unless stated otherwise on the approved programme schedule (APS)