Impaired examination performance refers to exceptional personal circumstances which may have adversely affected a student’s performance and results in a particular examination. It may arise as a result of bereavement, accident or injury, illness or other personal circumstances, but not as a result of personal culpability.
The procedures that students must follow to apply for impaired performance consideration are outlined below:



  1. He/she should complete and submit a Personal Circumstances Form (PCF) to the relevant Head of Department no later than three working days after the last scheduled examination. The PCF must be accompanied by a form of appropriate documentary evidence regarding the circumstances. Examples of acceptable documentary evidence include a death notice, a medical doctor’s certificate, a letter from the Institute’s Counsellor and/or from any person qualified to provide expert opinion in the circumstance.
  2. PCF forms should be available from the School Office, from the Counsellor and on the Institute website. Students may request assistance of the Student Union/ College Counsellor in completing their submission.
  3. Students are advised to keep a record of all documentation submitted.
  4. Once the PCF has been submitted with the appropriate documentary evidence, there is no obligation on the student to discuss the issue further with the Head of Department. It is entirely at the discretion of the student whether they choose to do so.
  5. The Head of Department will be responsible for bringing the application to the attention of the Progression & Awards Board. At all times, necessary confidentiality regarding the student’s circumstances, and respect for the professional opinion expressed in supporting documentation, will be observed.