Challenge Yourself This Semester To a Healthy Body and Mind

In association with Galway Triathlon Club, The Castle Triathlon series and CCAM Culture & Wellbeing society.

CCAM Culture and Wellbeing society have selected 6 students to commit to training for completing their first tri a -tri triathlon (200 m swim, 20 k cycle, 5 k run) in May in Lough Cultra, Co Galway. These students have no experience with racing, training or competing a triathlon. They lead very unhealthy lifestyles and are in serious need of a change in their eating habits and daily routines. This is a common trend in many students and we believe it is a significant barrier to positive mental health.

A documentary will be filmed on the journey  and the students will be asked to make some video diaries of their own experience.

So if you feel this is something that you would like to support we would be very grateful. We are hoping to use this initiative as a template to introduce to schools and 3rd level colleges to showcase how physical wellbeing can have a positive effect on your physical health.

The students selected for the program will be sponsored and a full coaching plan and training sessions will be given.

Applicants will be shortlisted and may be called for an interview.
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