College – Day One

The first day of college can be a daunting experience for everyone. Everyone may seem cool and calm on the outside but a bit of nerves are to be expected.

Keep all of this in mind on your first day.

You are not on your own

Most people will be hoping to make new friends and this should make it easier to meet new people. Friends and family at home are always on hand to take a call or a panicky watsapp message.

Don’t be intimidated

If it’s the big lecture halls or the building being so much bigger than you are used to, don’t worry, in a couple of weeks’ time you will get used to this. If anything, it opens up so many opportunities for you to meet people.

Go to Tutorials

Many modules will have a tutorial group that is seen as optional. The group sizes are usually a lot smaller and provide a valuable opportunity to learn more or ask the question you felt you couldn’t in the large lecture hall.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask people for directions to rooms, the library or canteen (maybe hold off on this one for a couple of weeks).

Join some clubs or socs

There’s so many to choose from! It’s a great way to meet new friends that have the same interests that you have. Look out for Clubs & Socs day in the first couple of weeks.

Get to know your housemates

If you’re living in a house or in student accommodation, get to know your housemates and the people who live near you. It will make communicating easier, but you could also end up making some really great friends.

Get involved with the SU

Volunteering or helping to fundraise for the student union can be another great way to meet people and to feel a part of your new community. We’re always looking for a hand and happen to be fairly sound!


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