New Mindfulness & Meditation Programme at GMIT

Meditation can help you relax, concentrate, and tap into your innat.

All useful skills to have when studying at third-level!

My name is Seán Harnett. I’m a member of staff at GMIT, as well as a newly qualified mindfulness teacher.

This semester, I’m offering a nine-week meditation programme that will, by the end, have you relaxing, concentrating, and thinking more creatively than before.

The programme starts next Thursday (26 January), in Room 1031 at 1.05 pm.

Although you are welcome to attend on a “drop-in” basis, you can also sign up for the whole programme in advance.

Additionally, you can sign up for an individual topic area, if one or more interests you particularly.



The price for each option is as follows;

Drop-In (One Session): €10 (staff) / €5 (students)

Per Block (Three Sessions): €25 (staff) / €12.50 (students)

Complete Programme (Nine Sessions): €70 (staff) / €35 (students)



We will cover each topic in one block of three weeks, with each block building on its predecessor to provide a thorough introduction to the core practices of meditation.

During the first block (weeks one to three) we will explore some simple but profound relaxation techniques.

During the second block (weeks four to six) we will explore proven techniques for concentration and focus, whilst during the third and final block (weeks seven to nine) we will explore practices to access and enhance your own innate creativity.



If you sign up for one or more blocks you will receive recorded versions of the meditations I’ll teach in that block or blocks, which you can listen to at home.

If you sign up for all sessions, you will, in addition to all the audio recordings, receive a customised meditation programme to help you embed these practices in your lives AND a 21 day support programme, to help you make meditation a daily habit.

I look forward to sharing these wonderful techniques with you. If you’d like more information, or would like to register for the programme, please email me at


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