Referendum: Wednesday, 7th February 2018


GMIT SU hereby gives notice of a Students’ Union Referendum on whether or not to remove the position of Deputy President for Education in accordance with Article 10 of the constitution.


Voting will take on Wednesday, 7th February place on all campuses. Please bring your student ID to cast your vote.
What are students being asked to vote on?

The students of GMIT will be asked to vote in a referendum to remove the current sabbatical positon of Deputy President for Education.


The SU wishes to reconfigure the sabbatical officer positions to reflect our student’s needs. We realise that our communication methods need to be greatly improved. Therefore, we wish to replace this Education Officer position with a staff member who will take responsibility for social media and communications. The Education role with be reabsorbed back to the SU President’ s role, as it was up to 4 years ago.

Further information on this referendum may be obtained by contracting Mark O’ Brien, SU President. Mark may be contacted through the SU Office or by e-mail at

Also, please find attached link to the current GMIT constitution NEW_GMITSU_Constitution_2014

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