Students should be refunded for accommodation they cannot use due to pandemic

Commenting on the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) statement asking for students to be refunded for accommodation they cannot use, Vice President for Welfare Jayne Cooley had this to say –

“There are many vulnerable demographics during this pandemic, who are being proactively protected by our country. However, our students in Ireland both native & international are being greatly taken advantage of, once again.

Landlords & student complex management teams need to take heart and not punish students for the predicament we are in. Students are facing a number of different issues including evictions from owner-occupied housing, deposits being withheld, rent advancements and moving home due to college closures with their utility fees & rent paid for the next 10 weeks. Some students have no choice but to relocate home and look after loved ones or those who are suffering from underlying health conditions themselves.

We urge student complexes and landlords to try to reach an agreement to help students through this stressful time and support their core stakeholders…”


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