Personal Safety

Personal safety in Galway is generally very high, but like all major urban areas, you have to be make yourself aware and take the necessary precautions. If, in the unlikely event that you are a victim of crime it is important to contact the Garda Síochána (the Irish Police force, meaning ‘Guardians of the Peace’), you may feel that you need to speak to someone about your experience, such as the counselling service. You can also drop into any of the Students’ Union offices for advice.

If you would like to speak to someone in the Students’ Union you can drop into your local office or contact Pat Doocey on 086-3545382- or

Personal Safety

  • Avoid situations where you are travelling alone at night time.
  • Don’t display obvious valuables such as your mobile phone.
  • Always take care when using ATM’s.
  • Don’t leave property unattended in libraries, lecture theatres, canteens or changing rooms.
  • If you think you are being followed, go to the nearest place where there are other people, and contact the Gardai.

Accommodation Security

  • Lock your front/back doors at all times. If leaving, check that all windows are locked.
  • Take care when letting in callers – ask for identification if in doubt.
  • Use a door chain.
  • If you receive strange or abusive phone calls, contact the Gardai.

Bike/Car/Motorbike Security

  • When you buy a bicycle, make sure you keep a receipt showing ID details.
  • Secure your bicycle by using a good quality lock.
  • Leave your vehicle were it can be supervised or seen.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car, but if you must then keep them out of sight.