Hi everyone,

My name is Jayne Cooley and I will be your Welfare Officer for the coming year! I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Students’ Union, and to cater to the welfare of those within GMIT. I look forward to getting to know you throughout the year.

Welfare by definition is the ‘Health, Happiness and Fortune’ of a person or group. This means that I’ll be running campaigns to make sure that you are aware of the resources available to you, to help you mind all those important things like Mental Health, Physical and Sexual Health, Disabilities and Equality etc. during your time in here in GMIT.

College is an absolutely fantastic experience, and we want you to feel as comfortable here as possible! But it’s also a huge change for many people and we understand that can sometimes be really hard. So if you are ever in need of a helping hand, have any worries or questions or maybe you just want a wee chat and a cup of tea, please don’t hesitate to call down to my office, which is located beside the Health Unit and Chaplain’s office.

I wish you all the best of luck in your studies, whether you’re a first year (welcome!) or a final year (congrats!). I hope to see you getting involved in the other aspects of college life also, such as involvement in Clubs, Societies and campaigns!


Warmest regards
Jayne Cooley

My responsibilities include:

  • Co-ordination and delivery of Welfare Campaigns on relevant welfare issues e.g. SHAG week, mental health Tuesdays

  • Providing a confidential listening and referral service

  • Representing students on committees in relation to student welfare

  • Keeping the staff and students informed of all welfare matters

  • Providing welfare information through the publication of leaflets, posters and/or books

  • Reviewing and drafting welfare policy

  • Representing the Union in USI events and attending

  • Being here for you in relation to issues such as mental health, drug and alcohol, sexual and physical health.