A warm welcome to all students attending GMIT Mayo this Autumn. In particular the first years – welcome to the GMIT Mayo community, we are delighted to have you.

GMIT Students’ Union is the union for Students.  Throughout the year we represent you at college level, on several different boards and committees by working with the college authorities and at national level through the USI (Union of Students in Ireland). We campaign for your rights, we look out for your needs and we’re here to lend support if you need a hand or just a chat.

The Mayo Campus Students’ Union is made up of a team who have been elected by the student body to represent you for this year. The SU team are here to ensure everything is being done so that you get the best experience possible during your time in GMIT, Mayo. We have a wealth of experience between us and if we can’t help you we will find someone who can.

I would encourage everyone coming into GMIT, Mayo to get involved with as much as you possibly can, join a club or society! It’s a great way to meet people. GMIT, Mayo is a fantastic community with terrific people, so make the most of your time here, as you will make lifelong friends and memories.

I’m from the real capital – Cork and came to GMIT four years ago to take up my studies on the Outdoor Education and Leisure course. While pursuing my studies I got involved in the SU and last year I was the SU Welfare Officer.  I had such a good time at GMIT, I didn’t want to leave and so got myself elected as your President. All joking aside I’m very proud to be President of the GMIT Mayo Campus and privileged to represent you.

The SU is located close to the canteen.  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and  I hope when you are passing you‘ll come in and say hi.


Liam Deasy

Mayo GMITSU President