Hey Guys,

My name is Aaron Burke and I will be your Students’ Union President for the forthcoming academic year. I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance and Economics, which I enjoyed very much. Last year I was the Deputy President of Education, which gave me the hunger and drive to run for President.

I would firstly like to welcome and congratulate you on a successful leaving cert and accepting a place at GMIT. I wish you all the best for the year ahead, it will be great.

The Student Union is here to help make your life easier while you study. We offer a wide range of services and can be very helpful, in an advisory capacity, if difficult situations arise over the year. As a registered student you automatically become a member of the SU. We encourage you to get involved with the SU throughout your time at college. Whether this be by getting involved in campaigns and referendums, you can help shape the direction the SU goes.

My role as President is to represent you on different college boards and committees to ensure the student voice is heard, both locally and on a national level. I am the chief spokesperson of the Union and oversee the the running of the Union and it’s services.

It is the responsibility of the SU to look after clubs and societies and we will be hosting a sign up day in September. There will be a large range of different ones to join but if you don’t see one you would like and want to start your own that’s cool too, you may find people with the same interests and make friends for life.

Remember one thing the year can fly by in the blink of an eye, so cherish every moment and live it to the last because your college days are the best of your life before you have to properly transition to Adulthood.

Best of luck with the year,

Aaron Burke

GMITSU President