In 2013 a referendum was held in GMIT asking students should they remain affiliated to USI. This was passed by 96% of the vote.

The Union of Students in Ireland is the representative body for Ireland’s 250,000 students in third-level education. USI is a democratic organisation. The supreme authority of the Union is the Congress, which is representative of each affiliated students’ union, apportioned according to the size of the student body in each union. Each union also sends one voting member to the National Council – the executive body of the organisation.

The Union works for:

  1. An education & training system open to all, irrespective of any consideration of national origin, race, sex, sexuality, creed, political beliefs or economic circumstances, so that each individual can realise their full potential in the service of the Irish people.
  2. An education & training system that through the development of art and literature, natural and social sciences truly serves the interests of the people of Ireland.
  3. The right of students to a decent standard of living, with the right to adequate financial support, proper housing and future prospects of employment in Ireland.
  4. The defence and promotion of all democratic and human rights.
  5. The provision of student services for the benefit of the membership on the principle that control of student services should lie with the membership.
  • Lorna Fitzpatrick, President of USI

USI EducationIS Demonstration 2016