A democratic organisation run by students, for students.


Every registered GMIT student is automatically a member of the Students’ Union.

There are 4 full-time officers representing GMIT students: the Overall SU President, the Deputy President for Education, the Vice President for Welfare and the Vice President for the Mayo Campus. Each of these officers has their own brief but also a collective responsibility as a team to ensure that all GMIT students are represented in all areas of student life.

We represent students in a wide variety of area, some of which are listed below:

The Executive.

The executive is the ‘Cabinet’ of the Union and comprises of all full-time and part time officers. The executive meet every 2 weeks.


Colin Kearney

Colin Kearney


Dublin Road, Galway

091-742055 / 087-126 3366

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to represent the students of GMIT! Hopefully the year

ahead will be far more normal and we can be here to welcome you back to campus. Any student that is ever in need of assistance can give any of the team a quick email or call and we will do all we can to help – Thank you.
Ricarda Bolle

Ricarda Bolle

DP for Education

Dublin Road, Galway

091-742316 / +49 15755 891477

I am delighted to have the chance to represent our students across all five campuses on all

academic matters. If there is ever anything you are unsure about or need some help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can be sure that we, in the Students Union, will do
everything we can to help you make the best out of your time at GMIT.
Emily Walshe

Emily Walshe

VP for Welfare

Dublin Road, Galway

091-742816 / 083-446 1484

College is a life experience that is unique to every student and as Welfare Officer, I want to do the absolute best I can to constantly improve the experience for you! I understand that not only is the transition into college life extremely hard, but that there are also challenges around every corner.

These challenges and issues faced are also unique to each student but I want you to know that you will not have to face these issues alone. 
Emily McGrory

Emily McGrory

VP Mayo Campus

Mayo Campus, Castlebar

094 904 3162 / 087-950 0623

I look forward to meeting you all hopefully on campus throughout the year and getting to know all of the students. I am passionate about making the GMIT college experience for students unforgettable. Each and every one of the students will be my number 1 priority! Please don’t ever be afraid to contact me with anything! Let’s make the college experience for everyone safe, fun and unforgettable

The structure of your union.

Student Body.

Student body is another term for all of the students of the institute together. The student body is the supreme decision making body and has the final say on all matters of most importance affecting the Union.

Students have their say by voting for class reps, full-time sabbatical officer and by voting in referenda which may take place on various topics throughout the year.

Class Rep Council.

Every class in the institute should have at least 1 class representatives, based on the size of the class.

The class rep council is the ‘Parliament’ of the Union and is made up of all class reps and executive officers. Council meet every month and adopts policy for the Union as well as holding the executive officers accountable for the work they do.


About USI


Union of Students in Ireland

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland.

GMIT SU is a Member Organisation (MO) of USI and our officers attend training sessions, monthly National Council meetings and the Annual National

For more infomation please view the USI website: 

Mayo Campus
Tel: +353 94 9043109

Galway Campus
Tel: +353 91 742264